"March marketing harvest" by Victor Tamberg


In today's world a person is exposed to such an overwhelming amount of information that a large part of it remains forgotten or unnoticed. Meanwhile, the "trash" often contains very important and useful news and events for business. In order to help the readers of Unipack.Ru to handle the abundant flow of information and catch the most important things, the portal's resident expert Victor Tamberg continues his comments regarding the most notable news in the world of package marketing.

Own vision of Georgian wines by "Shumilovedesign

The label is very good. To maintain the balance between temperance and "richness", moreover in such a category as wine - it's a tough challenge. This work manages to combine the almost incompatible. The idea with "stamping" is simply ingenious. Everything is made strictly conform the way people perceive Gerogian wines outside Georgia. However, I can't say how the bottle will stand out on the shelf - I haven't been to the Goergian wine section for a long time. And since the wine will obviously be expensive, it requires additional protection elements - seals, numbers and so on. But these are only details. In general - a very good work.

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