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    Develop relevant packaging design for Western markets - Europe and the USA.


    VLADOV - is a Moldovan TM of high quality honey, intended for sale in the markets of Europe and the USA.

    The Agency carried out an extensive research work to prepare for the task of creating brand concepts and the subsequent refinement of the final design version. Different opinions were taken into account and the potential attractiveness and appeal of the product were investigated when using different styles of visual design. As a result, the final choice was an option that optimally reflects the branding concept of the product.While working on the project "Vladov. Exclusive Line" we sought to create not just a beautiful packaging, but the purpose of the ongoing branding work was also to establish a remarkable identity - a memorable and beneficially distinguishing honey of our client on a competitive shelf.

    We had the goal to achieve a bright, modern, best - selling design for a high quality product.

    The label consists of two component parts.

    The first part, which is also the main one, is glued to the jar, girding it completely around the circumference. The reverse side of the label is marked with a seal representing the logo of the manufacturer and in a peculiar way "seals" the overall design, gluing the two parts of the label, creating a continuous design, smoothly passing from one element to another.

    The second part of the label is a disc glued to the lid of the jar, after the main part of the label is adjusted. It seals the main part of the label, connecting it securely with the lid.The “honey” drops flowing down from the lid of the jar are nothing more than a security element - this is a protective tape integrated into the overall design, tightly securing the lid. This element reliably ensures the closure of the product and represents the originality of the content to the consumer.

    The overall design is meant not only to catch the attention of the consumers on the shelf, but also to captivate them, nurturing the desire to want to check the product closer, in their own hands.Moreover, the design provides for the safety of the content and secures an untouched product to the consumer.

    During the development of this design, we made full use of modern printing and post-printing technologies, such as embossing, stamping and special tactile polish. Printing was executed on high-quality paper, which, in combination with the use of a whole range of techniques, made it possible to achieve a perfect accomplishment of visual design and to deliver pleasant tactile sensations at the direct contact with the product in the store.

    Label dimensions: 210 mm Х 115 mm. The label completely encircles the jar and, at the same time, it is a complex structure and consists of several individual components. As a result, being glued onto the jar, the label forms a continuous, consistent, single composition with a unique design that harmoniously matches the main label with the additional label on the lid of the jar.

    This project was a significant professional challenge for our agency. We have been cooperating with this honey producer for more than 10 years, but this is the first time when it has decided to strengthen its commercial presence in world markets. This required a unique, stylish, unlike any other design to be developed and thus, we have created an innovative design that is both aesthetically likeable and at the same time bright and attractive for the consumer.



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