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    Create a packing design for an original liquor product line 


    While creating the package design for this project, the agency’s specialists were driven by the product’s special character and the expectations posed by the potential buyers towards such a drink. The packing in this case had to be rather simple from the visual standpoint, while also being informative, being able to communicate its taste at a glance.

    The presented design concept can be described as minimalistic, since it’s based on a combination of only several visual elements. First, it’s the stylized brand name executed in a gothic font, which is placed on a curved ribbon. Near the ribbon, you can see a stylized wax stamp that contains all the necessary technical information regarding the drink. Right next to the stamp there’s a realistic image of berries or fruits corresponding to the taste of the bottle’s contents. Besides the images, the line’s product differentiation is also represented by a variation in the ribbon’s and cap’s color.

    The label’s production process involved the application of various printing and post-printing techniques in order to amplify the packing’s impact and draw the consumer’s attention towards the main elements of the design.



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