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    The client has asked the agency to develop a new sparkling wine trademark. The brand had to reflect the product's special positioning - quality sparkling wines produced by employing classic Italian technology. At the same time the packing had to be familiar to the customer, common for the particular market.


    While working on this project the agency’s specialists have based their efforts on the unique character of the product itself as well as the deep-seated traditions in its packing. Since Lambrusco is a unique and original product with a precise geographic character, the packing design for such a drink should feature a recognizable style that would allow identifying the product at first sight.

    The overall style of the presented design concept fully reflects the deep-seated traditions of Lambrusco packing with their common patterns and tuned-down colors. The trademark’s name serves as the main graphic element of the composition, executed in a stylized font and enclosed in a lush frame. The frame itself consists of a very complex and detailed pattern, the overall style of which can be characterized as vintage. The label as well as the complimentary neck collar are executed in a distinct old-European spirit, which brings to mind the images of manufactories, family-owned vineyards and regal courts. This exact adherence to old traditions is what’s expected in the packing by the people who understand the specifics of this product.



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beautiful. Want to see more of your work process (sketches, etc), please

Amazing work!! Feel free to to check my work: thanks :)

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