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    The basic Bolgrad sparkling wine collection — a comprehensive rebranding.


    The basic Bolgrad sparkling wine collection — a comprehensive rebranding.

    Traditionally present on the Ukrainian market, Bolgrad sparkling wines had long needed a complete rebranding. Despite the fact that the manufacturer decided to keep the current classic bottle, they chose to move on from the classic style in the design of the product overall.

    So we were tasked with rebranding the Bolgrad line of sparkling wines.

    The branding for one of the company's products, still wines, already had an emphasis on the brand's first letter, B. One of the brand concepts we proposed made use of this creative idea and further developed upon it. Eventually, of all the proposed brand concepts, the customer chose this direction.

    We developed the idea and created a powerful emphasis around the brand itself, using the first letter as a powerful eye-catcher, drawing attention from afar. Another innovative solution was that for the collar label — we turned the collar by 90 degrees relative to the front label and thus achieved the asymmetry needed for the design, which is radically different from all the competing products on the shelf. This way we achieved a complete shift from the classic to the innovative. Our task was to make the product trendy, relevant, and dreamy.

    The average consumer is quite tired of the boring, monotonous, and indistinguishable sparkling wines flooding the shelves. We offered the consumer a festive, bright, and fashionable wine, one that's memorable and eye-catching, even from a great distance.

    A label with a complex configuration with certain elements selected from scratch. Through the holes you can see the product itself. Advanced post-printing processes have been used to make the product's presentation stand out.



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