• Complex rebranding
    Complex rebranding "Сяброука"

    Complex rebranding: trademark design, design concept development, label design, promo material design, photo-shoot, pre-press

  • "Firma de Exercitiu" project

    A detailed description of the creative process behind the development of the logo for the Austrian cultural society "KulturKontakt Austria" and their governmental project with the Ministry of Education of Moldova "Firma de Exercitiu"(Training Firm).

  • "FLY" project

    Teh process of developing a complex design for light-alcohol carbonated drinks "FLY"

  • Project:
    Project: "Kvint" brandy

    The porcess of development for the "Kvint" brandy complex design project

  • Educational seminar
    Educational seminar "Saturday STORM"

    Organization and holding of the educational seminar as part of logo development for the governmental project "Firma de Exercitiu". Supported by the Austrian cultural society KulturKontakt Austria. How did it evolve and where it all took us - read more...

  • The chosen concept for
    The chosen concept for "5 ELEMENTE"

    As promised earlier we’re featuring the chosen concept for the label design. The agency’s creative director, Valeri Shumilov, was very eager about working on this project…