• Winter Masquarade Ball - Save Life
    Winter Masquarade Ball - Save Life

    ShumiLoveDesign agency served the role of design partner for the charity ball organized by Save Life charity fund


    Help in naming, trademark design, corporate identity and advertizing materials for a great interior design studio. 

  • Exclusive wine
    Exclusive wine "5 Elemente"

    The exclusive project "5 Elemente" for the "EQUINOX" company. I've offered the company leader the concept of "designer wine", where the agency takes the role of the partner and takes fully responsibility of creating a visual representation for the product.

  • Sugar Free NO GMO
    Sugar Free NO GMO

    "Sugar Free NO GMO" – is a new format of nights out with special celebrity guests. This project involved me as one of the organizers, helping with design and promotion. 

  • Foxy Time Show
    Foxy Time Show

    Beauty salon "Foxy" was taking part in the Beauty 2013 exhibition in Chisinau, Moldova. I've created the logo for the show and admertising materials for my friends Ludmila Belousova and Victor Melnic, as well as an exclusive label for KEUNE (TM) - their main sponsor.

  • Saturday STORM
    Saturday STORM

    Partner support. Help in organization and creation of identity for the educational seminar as part of the creative process for a governmental project "Firma de Exercitiu". Supported by the Austrian cultural society KulturKontakt Austria.