Et Cetera Spumante in the curated gallery at Behance

10-04-2017 Et Cetera Spumante in the curated gallery at Behance

The ShumiLoveDesign agency’s project for sparkling wine Et Cetera Spumante was featured in the Graphic Design curated gallery at the famous portal These galleries pick only the best and most interesting projects in respective creative fields. Curators hand pick the featured works daily from the thousands of projects posted by site users.

Packaging design for Et Cetera Spumante featured in the gallery is a successful continuation of the agency’s collaboration with the Moldovan winery Et Cetera, other works for which have already been appreciated by the international design community. The featured design required an additional level of responsibility from ShumiLoveDesign since this product was the very first sparkling wine made by this producer.

The creative platform is one of the most active and successful online portals in the domain of design, illustration, photography, music and many other creative activities. Several million people are using this social network on a daily basis, interacting with each other, presenting their projects to the world. Being featured in the curated gallery at is a firm confirmation of a creative project's success.


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    Et Cetera Premium at The Dieline
    Et Cetera Premium at The Dieline

    ShumiLoveDesign agency’s design for the author wine Et Cetera Premium was featured at the prestigious resource The Dieline.