Villa D`or


    Chateau Vartely

  • TASK

    The task was to create a label design for the series of vintage wines "Villa D'or" (Chateau Vartely)


    The featured wine brand required a packing that would emphasize the product’s status, its adherence to classic production technologies and its exclusive character. That is why the agency’s specialists have created a design concept with a pronounced minimalism and the distinct feel of Old World wine packing.

    The main element of the composition is the brand name presented in a distinct European manner and framed by additional graphic elements. These elements are repeated at the fringes of the label, serving as a sort of a frame and delivering the minimalistic design a sense of completeness and self-sufficiency. Within the frame one can find only the trademark and basic technical data. This way by using a minimal set of graphic elements the right way the agency was able to create an integral and elegant design with a distinct Old World wine feel.

    The technical aspect of the packing should also be noted. A special type of paper was used to deliver a degree of volume to the label. Certain elements were also processed with lettering and foil stamping to enhance their effectiveness.


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