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    We had the task to create a concept for premium French wines. This was not so easy to achieve, given the fact that these are French wines for the Russian market. Russian consumers hardly perceive classic French labels made in the style of an old chateau. They prefer bright, eye-catching designs with clear messages. Our task was to present these wines not only as a premium product, but also to make them more attractive for the Russian consumer.


    The branding idea was based on a creative concept, which was also created within our agency. We were inspired by a vivid image and a special atmosphere, which we were able to convey in this text, reflecting the essence of the creative brand concept:

    “Anxiously waiting for the meeting. The time that seems to be so long, slowly winding on the second arrow ... How long has is been since she experienced something similar?
    Only for a second, immersed in her own feelings, she feels like she is being returned to the real world. Rustle of gravel. Somebody’s strong hand entails it and it is not negotiable.

    Today it is for real.

    The path leads straight to a massive oak door.

    Through the rays of the setting sun, she notices with a glaze the outlines of the Mysterious Castle emerging in the evening haze.

    The key.

    His hand

    The click in the keyhole.

    A step forward…

    In this Castle, a special magic prevails and there is not the slightest chance to resist. The air is filled with chypre aromas. It slowly conquers the clothes, gently plunging into its warm embrace. A large fireplace attracts with a game of fire. In front of the fireplace, there are heavy leather chairs with massive armrests. Burning candles, cast in gold, darkened by their noble old candlesticks, illuminate the walls, upholstered in mahogany.

    A small table covered with dark velvet, dense folds caressing the stone floor. There is an open bottle of wine on the table, with a pair of inviting glasses filled with wine.

    The voice.

    Very close.

    “Take a sip! The night is just starting...”

    The wine for exceptional moments in your life!”

    The branding for «Mysterious Castle» Wines was performed in a low-key premium style. The central element of the label, an old, elegant key, draws attention with its elegance, restraint, and the special atmosphere it creates on the label.

    The label completely surrounds the bottle, creating a complete, solid composition. This wine attracts with its elitism, mystery, special luxurious style. When a woman picks up a bottle of this wine, she will certainly feel it was created specifically for her.

    While developing this design, we combined the use of modern printing and post-printing technologies, such as embossing, stamping and special tactile polish. Printing was executed on high-quality paper, which, combined with the use of a wide range of techniques, made it possible to achieve the perfect vision of the visual design and to deliver pleasant visual and tactile sensations to the customer at direct contact with the product in the store.

    The label completely encircles the bottle. This interesting, exclusive design will undoubtedly catch the eye of the consumers, make them take the bottle in their own hands and examine the design in more detail. Thus, the consumer interacts with the product even before its purchase, which will undoubtedly boost sales.




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