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    Create a unique and original branding for Spanish wines. Make the product stand out in the shelf not only with its design but also a vibrant branding and a definite message to the consumer.


    The task set by the client in this project wasn’t a trivial one and required an intense brainstorming while creating the initial concept. The result of this process was a concept based on an emotional declaration of love to an entire country. “Spain I Need You!” sounds like a passionate cry of a person that wants to be there right now, feel the country’s unique character, enjoy its summer warmth, dive into a whirlpool of emotions.

    The name of the trademark has become the main visual accent in the design. The writing is executed in an emotional careless style that carries a strong empathic message. At the same time it also works as an eye-stopper, attracting the customer’s attention and setting the product apart from the more traditionally looking Spanish wines. The writing is present both on the label and the bottle cap and is executed with the application of special post-printing techniques that make it more voluminous and vibrant.

    All the necessary information was compiled into a separate block in the lower part of the label and executed in a contrasting strict and structured manner. This was done with the scope of balancing the more emotional elements and presenting all the information in a concise manner.



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