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    Comprehensive branding: brand concept development / branding / trade mark design / package design.


    Speaking simply about the bright, speaking brightly about the simple. “Is it possible?” you might ask. We’ll answer simply, “Yes!”

    Is there anything more desirable than a tiny piece of Italy’s taste and aroma, so comfortable, so compact, yet equally tasty and exciting that you can easily carry it in any vanity bag? To have it always ready at hand? And to take it out when necessary?

    Will you say it’s a dream?

    We’ll say it’s real!

    Meet the classic Italian Fragolino in a compact tin can with a capacity of 0.33 liters.

    “What in the world is it?” you’ll ask…

    Fragolino is referred to as the “ladies’” or “summer” sparkling wine – indeed, it’s a sweet wine (only 7% alcohol) with a distinct garden and wild strawberry flavor. In addition to the grape variety which has these special characteristics, the Italian manufacturers complementarily add strawberry flavor to the classic sparkling wine using some juice or syrup.

    What was required from us as an agency? Our task was to bring the Italian flavored sparkling wine to the Ukrainian market in an innovative receptacle not typical of it, and hence, in a new category.

    Thus, we faced a number of complicated tasks.

    On the one hand, we had to precisely “hit the mark” of the prevailing stereotype of the Ukrainian consumer’s perception of this product category – its sweeping majority consists of women. 

    On the other hand, we had to work with a completely new receptacle for the product and a new niche for the product – a tin can with a capacity of 0.33 liters.

    And the last thing, as the phrase goes, “as the curtain fell” – even with all things considered, we were supposed to convey the spirit, style, status, taste, and aristocratic respectability of delightful Italy with 100% accuracy. 

    This product design results from the whole range of branding, marketing, and design works we have implemented. 

    It combines all the fundamental messages of this product in an ideal manner.

    Any evening, celebration, or party will be delightful if Fragolino can be tasted there. Its pleasant, delicate taste is perfect for every occasion: a romantic dinner, a birthday, a bachelorette party, and just a get-together with a cheerful company.

    Stylish, elegant, aristocratic, and, we dare say, thoroughbred product design will brighten up not only any feast, but also every lady who is tempted to pick it up!



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    Comprehensive branding: brand concept development / branding / trade mark design / package design.

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