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    Chisinau-based restaurant “Dacia” is present on the local market for several decades. Recently, the locale has seen a renewal of both its interior and exterior, which has rendered the necessity for a new corporate identity.


    Due to the renewal of the restaurant and addition of a more contemporary and solemn look to it, the customer has requested that the new logo and corporate identity would reflect these new changes. At the same time, there was the necessity to take the rich traditions and heritage of the restaurant into account. For Dacia is one of the oldest names of Moldova.


    In the course of designing the new logo the history of the restaurant itself and the meaning of its name were taken into consideration. The ideas of solemnity, richness and traditions were also reflected, which can be clearly seen in the logo, especially in its capital letter. Vinous has served as the main color in the palette, which symbolizes the concepts of luxury and nobility. Besides the logo, the agency has also created a range of printed materials and souvenirs, united through the use of the common corporate identity. In the course of producing these items, several printing and post-printing techniques were used, which gave the entire set a more noble and solemn look.


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