Chateau Vartely

  • TASK

    The main task in this project was to create a bottle design for a series of wines produced by “Chateau Vartely”


    The result of an intense creative process is a series of unique bottles, which is characterized by gracefulness, elegance, functionality and beauty. The basic form of the bottle can be compared to such classic bottle shapes as Mosel and Champagne, however it features soft lines without any abrupt transitions. The wide base and the thin elongated neck can easily be associated with a female silhouette, which further emphasizes the refinement and sensuality of the bottle. 

    An additional element that serves the purpose of accentuating the elegance of the product is the use of protuberant decoration in the form of a tree, which surrounds the lower and the upper parts of the bottle. Thus, the product combines usefulness and elegance on one hand, and the use of ethnic connotations on the other. Without any doubt, such bottle design fulfills its purpose of communicating the potential customer all the characteristics of the product contained inside.


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    Wine jug
    Wine jug

    Development of design concept, exclusive bottle design, 3D modelling, technical blueprint preparation

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