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    Branding: brand concept development / trade mark design / packaging design


    Bolgrad Select Collection is a series of quality wines produced in Ukraine and intended for sale in the UK. The Bolgrad brand embodies all the best things associated with the southern regions of Ukraine, located near the sea - naturalness, beautiful climate and good winemaking.

    In the design of these wines we wanted to reflect the naturalness, naturalness and high quality of these wines. But our task was not only to create an attractive design. We set ourselves more significant goals.

    Much more important for us was to help the consumer to clearly identify the geographical origin of the wines. But not only that! At this difficult time for Ukraine, we thought about what a Ukrainian wine producer can say about itself on the world market? What would he want to declare? What message would he like to convey to the world through his product?

    In the creative concept we wanted to convey the special resilience, spirit and ability to revitalize a country that is going through very difficult times in its history. These are the messages we decided to embody in the new wine concept. We wanted to convey a sense of refinement, exclusivity and selectivity. At the same time to do it in the most restrained and artistic way.

    The production process for the label involves additional printing and post-printing techniques that emphasize certain elements and make the overall composition more expressive. The use of advanced post-printing processes was thoughtfully planned out for the label. Their combination and use won't go unappreciated by the consumer, and on the shelf, the product will draw the attention of the most sophisticated connoisseurs of classic wines.


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    Bolgrad Select Collection

    Branding: brand concept development / trade mark design / packaging design

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