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    The comprehensive branding: bottle design / brand identity / logo design / packaging design


    Old Mtskheta is a city in Georgia, located at the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura, just a few kilometers to the north of Tbilisi.

    As an agency, we were tasked with developing a new bottle and design for this cognac. At the same time, the new bottle would have to be successive and contain the recognizable silhouette of the previous bottle used by our customer. The new bottle was supposed to be more expressive, and attractive, and make the product stand out on the competitive shelf.Inspired by the history of Old Mtskheta, we based the brand concept on an arch shape, as a recognizable outline of the Cathedrals of the Georgian Orthodox Church. This determined the shape of the label and the nature of the brand concept itself. Due to this decision, the concept conveys the spirit of Georgia, its centuries-old history, luxury, and sophistication of the Caucasus.

    We retained the recognizable silhouette of the manufacturer's branded bottle. At the same time, we gave the new bottle more expressiveness, expressing its character, and richly decorated it with ornaments. At the top of the bottle, we have provided a seat for an elegant necklace, which has become a distinctive and well-recognized element of this cognac.



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    The comprehensive branding: bottle design / brand identity / logo design / packaging design

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