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    Branding: brand identity / trade mark design / package design


    KARTVELI is a brand of Georgian wines. We had the following tasks:

    1) development of a logo for the brand, which will subsequently form the basis of the wine label

    2) development of a label design that would reflect the status of the TM

    Our customer wanted a restrained, respectable, sophisticated solution. So we were searching for suitable solutions in this direction.

    Kartveli is the collective name of the ancient Georgian Kartvelian tribes. The logo had to reflect the spirit of ancient times, expressing not only history, but also the history of winemaking. The shield, in the center of which is the letter of the ancient Georgian alphabet (the first letter of the brand name), on the sides of the vine sit two griffins - like two guards, a symbol of the protection of the rich Georgian heritage.

    The label is made in a classic wine style. Its central element is the developed logo. Restrained respectability, sophisticated aristocracy, connection with an illustrious past are the essence of the KARTVELI wine brand.



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