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Winter Masquarade Ball - Save Life

27-01-2017 Winter Masquarade Ball - Save Life

ShumiLoveDesign agency is widely known for its works in the domain of alcoholic product packaging, since it’s the main domain of our company’s activity. Still, we’d like to note that design isn’t the only thing that we care about. We recognize the social aspect of any business, and take part in any socially-oriented projects, which serve the purpose of helping those in dire need. This is the reason why we’ve reached out to the charity fund Save Life the moment we learned about their mission. 

The fund Save Life is widely known for its active role in finding sources for children that require emergency medical assistance, and many lives were saved thanks to the actions of fund’s chair, Aliona Bercaci, and her team. 

On our end, we’ve offered our resources for creating the visual elements necessary for Save Life. As a result, ShumiLoveDesign has acted as a partner of charity event organized by Save Life. We’re referring to Winter Masquerade  Ball, which was scheduled on December 4th 2016 in Radisson Blu hotel.

The agency’s specialists have developed the event’s visual identity, from web banners and tickets to press-wall, all sharing the same style, which served the purpose of raising the status of the event and making it memorable from the visual point of view. 

Judging by the feedback provided by the organizers, we’ve succeeded in reaching these goals:

«ShumiLoveDesign is a team of professionals. The press-wall, banners, event tickets – everything shared a unique style and reflected the event’s concept. In a short period of time the agency’s specialists have processed all the nuances and aspects of the planned event, have taken a creative approach for the task, and in the end we’ve got a result that exceeded our expectations»

Charity fund Save Life director, Aliona Bercaci

The guests of the night have also appreciated the visual aspect of the ball:

«The guests we’re pleasantly surprised by the visual aspect of the event. They’ve enjoyed taking pictures by the press-wall. The tickets were appreciated for their elegance. A lot of people have expressed their delight of the night’s visual decor»

The most important part of the event, of course, was the fund raising for children in need:

«During the event we’ve managed to fully raise the needed sums for six of our children. There were over 160 guests participating in the event, among them ambassadors of different states, representatives of international organizations, members of European business associations and the USA Chamber of Commerce, Moldovan businessmen and press representatives. Without the needed visual décor this night wouldn’t be as memorable and resultative»

"Having the chance to take part in charity projects like "Save Life" is our modest contribution to the noble and very important cause of helping children in need of medical attention. On my part, I'm happy that we could provide an input to the overall positive result of this event. Regardless of what might be said, is there anything more precious in this world than life, especially a life saved? For us this is the main result"

ShumiLoveDesign creative director, Valerii Shumilov



Photos from the event, courtesy of Save Life


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