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The Austrian cultural society KulturKontakt Austria represented by Fabian Maier has addressed me for creating a trademark for the governmental educational project “Firma de Exercitiu” (Training Firm) in Republic of Moldova.  

“Firma de Exercitiu” (Training Firm) is an international project, representing a separate object in the college education system. This object lets the students learn the basics of business, management, helps them to pick an interesting domain of activity and become qualified professionals in it. In essence it is a huge international platform with its own currency, law education, services and goods, which offers the students to learn more about creating and managing a business. 

While working on the logo for this governmental project we came up with the idea to organize an educational seminar with the most active participants of this project. 

I was thrilled with the idea of showing the students what it’s like to work as a design agency. To show them that only the results of collective work can make it to the final version of a corporate logo. 

The seminar has involved the following activities: naming, design for logo, identity, advertising and additional materials. 

Naming, identity and advertising material design:

More about the seminar:

Thanksgiving letter for the organization and execution of the seminar:

Photos from the seminar:


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