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    Develop packing design for the series "Wines of Europe" within a single stylistic direction. At the same time the wines representing each country should feature individual identity that would make it stand out in the entire line. 


    The Luding Company has set the agency with the task of creating a design for a line of European wines in cardboard packing. It was necessary to communicate the unique character of the origin country for each product in a neat and obvious manner.

    Having precise requirements for the project, the agency has developed packing design for Spanish, Italian and French wines. On one hand, all three products feature a bright and unique image based on the color scheme of the respective national flag and employing stylized illustrations of the country’s main landmarks. On the other hand, all the products share the same overall style that puts them into the same product line.

    The package looks bright and attracts the customer’s attention. All the illustrations are presented in the form of sketches, which helps to avoid the feel of a photorealistic travel guide, but at the same time gives a good impression of the main features of the product’s origin country. As a result, the agency came up with a solution that both corresponds to the initial requirements and also helps to make the product stand out on the shelf.


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