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    The task was to develop a design for a set of 1-liter for a series of semisweet varietal wines.


    Quite often the wide audience has a bias towards wines that is sold in a package differing from the standard glass bottle. With this project the agency’s specialists have decided to take this bias as a source of inspiration and create a design concept that would emphasize the product’s quality regardless of the packing it comes in.

    The base for the concept is the idea of a wine cellar where wine tastings are made straight from the bottle. That’s why the main element of the packing is the illustration of a full wine glass and an uncorked wine bottle standing on a wooden table. All the necessary product information is presented in neat blocks that don’t get in the way of the main image.

    As a result, the presented concept serves the purpose of emphasizing the universal quality of good wine regardless of the packing it comes in. The consumer is communicated a message: the wine can be as good coming from a box as it would be in the wine cellar.


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