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    The task for this project was to create a design for 1-litre “pat-pack” packages for a series of semisweet fruit wine produced by the Russian company «Vinetty».


    While working on the design concept for this project the specialists have considered the cultural aspect of fruit wines and have reflected it in the presented packing design. Since fruit wines are historically linked to the Far East, where such drinks were known for millennia, the product packing features a distinct Oriental feel.

    The main design element in this packing is the fruit illustration corresponding to the product flavor. The image is presented in a very realistic and vibrant manner, which creates a fresh and juicy impression. This theme is supported by the images of fresh green leaves all over the package. As a result the consumer sees a very vibrant and juicy package that reflects the fruit character of the drink inside of it.

    The Oriental theme is presented in two layers. The first is the name of the product itself that is written vertically with a stylized font, creating the impression of Oriental character writing. The second is the smooth white field where all the elements are placed, which resembles a clean sheet of paper waiting for a brush stroke to be left. This way the cultural and historical aspect of the product was depicted in not the most direct manner.


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