Плодовые вина



  • TASK

    Renew the design for the 1-liter fruit wine container. Create juicier, brighter and livelier illustrations.


    Create a renewed packing for a series of fruit wines produced by Vagrus – that was the task for this project set by the client. The packing had to look juicy and vibrant rather than something made out of cardboard, and the illustration had to be lively in order to confirm the quality of the contents.

    There’s nothing new about the fact that fruit wines come from way back, having their origins as far as five thousand years ago in what is modern day China. Centuries later these wines have become well-known outside the country garnering the title of “summer in a glass”. Probably that’s why such wines are strongly associated with a bright taste, summer, juicy flowers and aromas. Namely these emotional-visual nuances were chosen to serve as the main accents while redesigning the package.

    The background for the packing is plain white – this color was chosen in order to emphasize the fruit and flower compositions representing the main ingredients of the wine. We’ve strived to recreate the Chinese writing style, placing the name of the drink and the additional information vertically, imitating Chinese characters written on white silk. The image of blooming fruit tree branches transits from the front to the side and from the side to the back of the package. This solution, according to our marketing research, creates an impulse for the potential buyer to take the box off the shelf and turn it around in order to learn all the details from all sides.

    By creating this design, we’ve strived to anchor the bright visual aspect of the product in the consumer’s mind. Such a renovation serves the purpose of being a successful marketing tool for sales.


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