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    Complex redesign of the “OK`VIN” brand: trademark and label redesign. 


    The brand's restyling had to serve the following purposes: increase the product's visual value and create an image of a modern product following market trends. At the same time the product had to maintain its recognition continuity among loyal customers. In order to achieve these goals the agency has drafted a set of steps, which had to be made while working on the project, namely:

    1. Put a stronger emphasis on the label. This was achieved by changing the label's background color.

    2. Emphasize the manufacturer's brand (OKZ) and increase the visual clarity of the trademark "OK`VIN" - to make this work the agency had to redesign the "OKZ" brand and the "OK`VIN" trademark.

    3. Accentuate tha brandy's maturity on the label. This was necessary so that the customer wouldn't get lost in the product line and could easily identify the product he needs.

    4. Create a complex design for the entire product. This was achieved by personalizing the bottle cap and creating a ribbon for the bottle neck. It was decided to place one of the product's UTPs on it - the year of foundation. 

    5. Increase the product's visual value. This was done by untertaking complex design initiatives, as well as the use of artistic paper and application of post-printing techniques.



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