Дом Солнца / House of the Sun


    Вина Ливадии

  • TASK

    The client has asked the agency to develop a new brandy trademark. The brand had to reflect the product's special positioning - quality brandy produced by employing classic French technology. 


    The company “Wines of Livadia” has set us with the task of creating a complex brand for one of their products – vintage brandy.

    Taking into account the fact that the brandy is produced by employing classic French technology our agency had to create a brand that would be positioned as a V.S. brandy. The main accent was set on the product name “House of the Sun” and its positioning on the label and the gift box.

    The label was printed using artistic pearl paper with a pronounced texture. And since brandy is a rather conservative product, our designers have decided to stick with the traditionally tempered color scheme ranging from chocolate brown to deep black.

    The brand name is accentuated by stamping with gloss and matte golden foil using a special type font, which gives a unique feel to the label and makes the product rather presentable.

    The mandatory class marking “V.S.” and the information about the producer company were placed on the front label in order to emphasize the historical stability and reliability of the company on the market.

    In order to enhance the visual expressiveness of the product on the shelf we have also developed a special gift box. The main stylistic element is of course the name of the product, which serves the main ad for the brandy. The noble combination of strict black and golden stamping is perceived by the consumer as something respectable, and naturally draws their attention.



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