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    Design concept development, trademark design, label design, pre-print.


    This project required an original solution while working in a rather strict stylistic framework. The agency had to create a packaging design that would make the product attractive and distinct on the product shelf, and at the same time correspond to Russian brandy packaging traditions.

    The solution, created by the agency’s specialists, fully corresponds to the requirements set by the client for this project. The overall packaging composition looks rather strict and traditional, featuring the typical brandy design color scheme and graphic element selection, while also pinpointing the product’s region of origin. However, while using a somewhat limited set of visual instruments, the specialists have managed to create a stylish, modern and temperate design, which draws attention to the product and makes it stand out on the shelf. Thanks to adhering to the canons of Russian brandy packaging design and the professional use of available elements, the design looks exactly as the consumer wants it to look.



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