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    The task was to create a complex solution for the «Crescendo» trademark. To develop proper branding and redesign an existing label.


    The «Crescendo» trademark is a unique phenomenon in the Moldovan market:

    1. The project is part of a regional development project funded by the European Union, namely Austria, which isn’t very common for the Moldovan winemaking industry.

    2. The product development involves students, who haven’t graduated from the Nisporeni winemaking professional school yet.

    3. The product will be sold in limited quantities of several varieties, which adds a degree of exclusivity to the whole project.

    As the result of the collective brainstorm, the agency has developed several concepts, one of which was developed further into the final design concept. The main elements for this concept were the recognizable symbols of a treble clef and a wine glass. By combining them into a single sign, we’ve reached a high brand memorability, which has served as a base for the new label design.

    The design is enriched with the spirit of art, creativity and development, which fully corresponds to the creation process of a good quality wine.


    Brainstorm: a detailed description of the brand development process:


    Production breefing during the project development phase for "Crescendo":




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