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    Aznauri is a brand of Georgian alcoholic beverages sold on the Ukrainian market. The inspiration for this project was the initial concept of the Aznauri brand and the need to develop a complete rebranding project for all product lines. The Aznauri brand started many years ago and the concept has become outdated in the continuously changing market. The task was to completely rethink the visual identification system of the Aznauri brand.


    We used the initial concept of the brand as a basis, but significantly expanded its possibilities, completely rethinking the system of graphic communication with the consumer. For a series of sparkling wines, we have developed a new logo – a noble family coat of arms, symbolizing the status and aristocratic luxury of the old Aznauri Georgian family. The necklace on the bottle neck has the shape and design of a precious necklace.

    During the development of this design we made full use of modern printing and post-printing technologies, such as embossing, stamping and special tactile polish. Printing was executed on high-quality paper, which, in combination with the use of a whole range of techniques, made it possible to achieve a perfect accomplishment of visual design and to deliver pleasant tactile sensations at the direct contact with the product in the store.

    The necklace on the bottle neck has the shape and design of a precious necklace. A necklace of a unique, complex shape. 

    This interesting, exclusive design will undoubtedly catch the eye of the consumers, make them take the bottle in their own hands and examine the design in more detail. Thus, the consumer interacts with the product even before its purchase, which will undoubtedly improve sales.

    The project started in July 2018, in Kiev, Ukraine. Currently, Aznauri sparkling wines are sold throughout Ukraine and are widely present in retail and chain trade.

    The Agency carried out an extensive research work to prepare for the task of creating brand concepts and the subsequent refinement of the final design version. Different opinions were taken into account and the potential attractiveness and appeal of the product were investigated when using different styles of visual design. As a result, the final choice was an option that optimally reflects the branding concept of the product and the winemaker itself.

    The main difficulty of the project was the fact that, for this brand, this series is a new product niche. Aznauri brand has never been presented on the shelf of sparkling wines before. It was necessary not only to make the product fashionable, glossy and attractive, but also to convey the essence of the Aznauri brand concept in design. The Aznauri brand takes the consumer into the atmosphere of an old noble Georgian family, in its luxury and aristocracy.




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