Acorex / Butterfly


    S.A. "Acorex Wine Holding"

  • TASK

    Develop a unique bottle and label design for the Butterfly series of wines produced by Accorex company.


    The first stage in this project was the creation of a uniquely shaped bottle especially for this product line. The non-standard conical model created by the agency serves the purpose of emphasizing the drink’s elegance and making the product more obvious on the product shelf. The additional engraving in the shape of butterflies on the bottle surface amplifies the association with the trademark name.

    The label also comes in an irregular form that accompanies the bottle. In its final form the label looks like a ribbon tied around the vessel – this gives the bottle a festive and courtesy look. The main eye-stopper on the label is the stylized image of a butterfly that echoes the patterns on the bottle. The differentiation of products is achieved through the use of different colors in the eye-stopper and bottle cap.

    The presented design concept looks bright, original, feminine and festive, making the product stand out on the shelf and addressing it to the target audience.


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