13-06-2017 A`DESIGN AWARD 2016-2017 / GOLD

The gold award at A'Design Award & Competition International (Milan, Italy) in the Packaging Design category was won by DON CHIKU project by SHUMI LOVE DESIGN (TM).

Branding and packaging design "ET CETERA PREMIUM"

In 80 categories of A’Design Award and Competition, from architecture to urban street art, works by more than 9 000 participants were presented. Only 114 of them were conferred the highest award.This year, the awards ceremony for A`Design Award & Competition International Contest winners was held in the pompous and majestic Villa Olmo located directly on the lake shore. The villa belongs to the municipality of Como and serves as a center for cultural events.

The ceremony was solemn. Valerii Sumilov, SHUMI LOVE DESIGN Agency founder and creative director, received awards from the hands of the contest organizers.



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    A`DESIGN AWARD 2016-2017 /GOLD
    A`DESIGN AWARD 2016-2017 /GOLD

    Gold medal at A'Design Award & Competition International Contest in the Packaging Design category

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    ET CETERA SPUMANTE was honored as Design of the Day at the international design portal Design and Design.