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    The task of this project was to redesign the old-fashioned labels for the canned products by VIS.


    While creating package design for a product such as fruit jam, one should consider the main requirements posed by the target audience towards such products. The potential buyer wants to see what type of jam is in front of him and how natural are its ingredients. Based on these considerations, the agency has focused its efforts on creating a demonstrative and attractive package that would emphasize the natural character of the product.

    The presented concept looks bright, juicy and descriptive. The edges of the label feature stylized images of fruits corresponding to the product’s ingredients, forming a sort of a frame. The central part of the label carries the stylized logo and the product descriptions. All these elements are brought together by bright and juicy illustrations that emphasize the sweet and natural character of the product.

    The design of the jar cap deserves to be noted as well. It features a photorealistic illustration of fruits and berries, so that even when looking at the package from the top the buyer gets a precise understanding about the product and its natural qualities.


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