Славянский Трактир

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    Complex trademark design, design concept development, label design, pre-print


    This project involved the creation of packaging for Russian brandy aimed for the mass market and lower price segment. That is why the agency has created the packaging that would set the product apart from the competition in its niche, whie still identifying it as affordable, popular.

    The packaging design for this line of brandies features a style that be characterized as Russian Pre-Revolutionary. This solution was to an extent imposed by the name of the trademark that refers to the tradition of taverns and inns of the Russian Empire. Thus the characteristic patterns and ornaments, executed with the use of gold foil stamping, stylized fonts and the wooden texture in the background, which, in tandem, create the atmosphere of a laid-back evening in a roadside inn somewhere in the huge country. The thermal cap features some of the visual elements from the label, which gives the overall packaging a finishing touch.

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    Design concept development, trademark design, label design, pre-print.

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