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    The agency was set with the task to redisgn an existing line of sparkling wines. Since the series was launched, the label was already redesigned but with little success. The client's main requirement was making this series of sparkling wines look more noble, exquisite and festive. We had to get a result, where the product would be perceived by the consumer as a respectable sparkling wine for feasts, friend parties and holiday dinners. 


    With this project we had to redesign an already existing product line under the trademark Podium produced by Acorex in a way so that the product would still be recognizable but at the same time get a better look that would make it stand out from the competition. This task was solved in the flowing manner.

    Our main intention was to make the packing “lighter” and more festive.

    While working on the label we’ve taken into account the emotional aspect of the product, which often plays a decisive role in the buyer’s preference while choosing between different sparkling wines. Knowing that this drink is usually purchased on festive occasions, we’ve decided to make the label brighter and more vibrant. The main graphic element, in contrast to the older version, has been featured in a different color scheme, which introduced the feeling of lightness and enchantment.

    The introduction of the producer’s logo to the label has added a sense of a unique style, which confirms the status of both the product and the producer.

    An additional advantage of the new label for the winemaker was the reduced cost of its production thanks to the application of special printing techniques, all the while maintaining the high quality of the entire packing.

    Bright, unique, effervescent as the wine itself – this redesign serves the goal of making this drink the best choice for a festive event or romantic evening.

    So, while the old label could be described as simply modern-looking, the new one, according to marketing research, can be designated as Haute Couture.


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