Крымский Шатёр

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    Design concept development, trademark design, label design, pre-print.


    Packing design for brandies produced in the Crimean region wields a set of traditions and peculiarities that have taken shape decades ago. This style in overall can be characterized as Soviet, yet the Crimean products have their own special elements that set them apart from drinks from other regions of origin. And these particular features had to be taken into account while developing the packing design for the Krimskyi Shatyor trademark.

    The overall design character wields a distinct vintage Soviet feel but with a modern twist. The main visual element of the composition is the stylized name of the trademark that uses fonts specific to the style. Foil stamping emphasizes the brand name and makes it more vibrant. This post printing technique is also featured in additional graphic elements: the stars denoting the maturation period of the drink; the frames separating different visual blocks; the brand logo featuring a stylized image of the Crimean peninsula. The label is printed on a special artistic paper with a distinct texture that enhances the volumetric character of the packing.



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