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    Comprehensive branding: brand concept development / branding / trade mark design / package design.


    The task was to create a trendy, glossy and modern look for a series of aromatic Italian wines. Furthermore, it was necessary to find the best combination between the current trends, the use of the latest printing techniques and recognizable Italian classics. When looking at this product, you should be able to feel the style, spirit and glorious design heritage of Italian products.

    A distinctive feature of this project is the label design. We found a solution that allows applying the same shape to the entire “Flash” product line and is equally suitable for all tastes. Individually designed and styled, crafted images of fruit are the core of the label elements.

    We carefully edited each individual image and found such visual and technical techniques that made them irresistible, attractive, stylish and statutory.

    During the development of this design, we made full use of modern printing and post-printing technologies, such as embossing, stamping and special tactile polish. Printing was executed on high-quality paper, which, in combination with the use of a whole range of techniques, made it possible to achieve a perfect accomplishment of visual design and to deliver pleasant tactile sensations at the direct contact with the product in the store.

    The label is printed on special waterproof pearlescent paper, which is designed specifically for sparkling wines. It does not get wet in the refrigerator or in a bucket with ice and maintains its appealing look all through the use of the product.



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Великолепно! Кто вам рендерил?

@Vladimir Shmoylov ! +1


@Anas El SeHimy @Weronika Wojtysiak Thanks a lot! You are welcome!

very nice design!


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