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    Dionis Club

  • TASK

    Develop bottle and packing design for a series of Muscat wines produced by Dionis Club


    This project required a complex solution and presumed a widescale effort for creating a product packing from scratch. First of all, the agency created a uniquely shaped bottle that laid the foundation for the product packing of the entire series of semisweet wines.

    The agency’s specialists have created several models of a uniquely shaped bottle and the final version can be described as resembling a drop of liquid. Since the project involved semisweet wines, the inspiration was drawn from a drop of honey or nectar, which gives the buyer a very explicit impression of the product upon a quick glance. The bottle looks like a liquid that is being poured on a surface – this makes the product stand out from the competition in a unique way.

    The label design works together with the bottle, echoing the smooth outlines of certain edges. Besides, the color scheme for the main graphic elements was purposefully made to mimic the color of the drink inside the bottle. The application of post-printing techniques in these elements amplifies the effect and draws attention to the main informative aspects of the label.


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