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    The agency was set with the task to develop a packing design for a series of quality Crimean wines. The packing should reflect the producer’s concept – quality Crimean wines made by classic French technology.


    Taking into account the task set by the client the agency’s specialists concentrated their efforts on creating an image that would feature all the product’s unique properties. Since the main emphasis was put on the application of classic French production technologies the overall style of the package was decided to make similar to that of the traditional French wines. The engraved image of a chateau, broad informative fields, typical fonts and a range of printing and post-printing techniques give the label an elegant, temperate and classic feel common to traditional European wines.

    Meanwhile the label also features a large writing “Crimea” that makes the product’s origin evident at first sight. There’s also a big informative block under the righting that explains the main properties of this product line, while also serving as a visual counterpart to the chateau illustration in the label’s upper part. Thus the consumer receives the main message regarding the product in a balanced visual form. All the while all the requirements are meant by using only the main label without the need to employ additional surfaces or labels.



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Bravo, it is difficult to determine which is the most beautiful label but I like this one especially

Great !

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