Chateau du Soleil


    Вина Ливадии

  • TASK

    Develop the name, concept and label design for a series of dry wines.


    This project was more than just creating a label - it involved the complex development of a brand, starting with naming to the trademark.

    While working on this project our team had the client’s request as the primary goal – create a design concept that would follow the style guidelines of quality French wines.

    The name of the trademark “Cheteau du Soleil” was chosen on purpose. “Sun castle” invokes the concept of French winemaking traditions where the word “chateau” has the meaning of a homestead producing its own brand of wine.

    The color of the bottle for both the white and red wine was chosen to be the same on purpose. This decision was cause by the desire to sustain balance between the bottle and the tempered colors in the label. We’ve strived to keep true to the best packing solutions in the French winemaking industry. This includes neat graphic elements, laconic fonts and a subdued background, which looks like an old engraving.

    The label was printed on real artistic paper with a noble texture using a rather tempered color scheme. Uneven edges of the label create an impression of aristocratic negligence, which looks as if the bottle was just taken out of an old wine cellar.

    The French style packing of the wine serves the purpose of drawing the buyer’s attention while making it stand out as the best on the shelf. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said once, “Life is too short to drink bad wine”.



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Excellent work, with a harmonious use of colors and beautiful typography.

Great work!

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