FAQ: Design-partnership with ShumiLoveDesign

12-10-2016 FAQ: Design-partnership with ShumiLoveDesign

What a design-partnership with ShumiLoveDesign is all about?

In short, it’s a type of collaboration, in which the agency acts as a party interested in a successful completion of the entire project. In other words, as a partner in what concerns design, marketing and brand building. We don’t deal with all the aspects of promotion, but we help out where we able to. Our involvement helps the project to take off, get the necessary design and strategic solutions at the initial stage.


What is the scope of such collaboration?

My personal conviction is that business has to be socially oriented in one way or the other. The idea for the agency to act as a design partner is all about helping others out. It is a form of social responsibility. It’s about helping those, who are at their formative stage, who’s in need of a good advice or simply doesn’t have enough resources for good design. Some people do charity, sponsor sports teams or help orphanages. From my perspective, I’ve decided that I can contribute to business development here, in Moldova, which in turn will influence positively certain projects as well as the society in general.

What’s interesting, this form of collaboration has led to some unique results. Some of the projects developed in this form have earned numerous awards at prestigious international competitions, increasing the prestige of our country in places, where it wasn’t mentioned before. For example, one of my works can be found in the International Design Museum in Milan – it’s the packing design for the unique Moldovan wine “5 ELEMENTE” by Constantin Stratan. This way, it was the first time when Moldova was mentioned at the international competition, my agency being the only representative of Moldova that earned the highest appraisal. And it’s really pleasant. Of course, thanks to this the agency’s reputation growth both in Moldova and abroad. Another important aspect of this type of collaboration is the possibility of being involved in many unique and interesting projects, as well as having the possibility to influence a product, brand or service to a considerable degree.


How can one get the agency’s support? What should the product or service be like in order to impress the agency to the point where it will act as a design partner?

Contacting the agency with the request to act as a partner for a project is simple. Enter the agency’s site, click the SUPPORT section and fill out the application form. It’s sufficient to describe the project’s essence and its unique traits in free form.

In general, there are certain factors, which are taken into consideration when the agency decides to take part in any given project:

-          It has to be unique for the market, original, new in a way, innovative or personalized

-          There’s a special interest for exclusive projects, limited product lines

-          It has to be socially-oriented besides the financial aspect, or it can be fully socially-focused with no intent of making profit, at least at the initial stage


What could one expect from such a collaboration?

It’s sufficient to look through the project examples in the SUPPORT section at the agency’s site. In each case, it is a unique solution that fully corresponds to the essence of the project and helps with its successful fulfillment. Of course, the agency has certain terms for such a collaboration. One of these is the partner’s noninvolvement in the design process and full trust in our professional capabilities. We create the strategy, shape the direction and develop the design according to our own understanding of the project, which, of course, is initially discussed with our partner. First of all, we learn the project from the inside, spend our time to create the right understanding of its essence. Another condition is the mandatory mentioning of the agency in the project or the product. We help each other out. We promote the project and in turn it promotes us. At last, we come to an agreement with the partner that they will follow our recommendations regarding the choice of printing house, printing techniques and product quality in cases of labels or printed materials.