Production facility visit for the project "Crescendo"

15-07-2013 Production facility visit for the project

One of our agency’s main traits is the individual approach we have towards each and every client, whether a big company with decades of history and millions in revenues or a small author project aimed for a limited run. Such an approach is not limited to an intense creative process in the office between coffee breaks and client calls. In order to get to know the client’s thoughts, especially if it’s a winemaker, one has to look at the process from his point of view, get immersed in the working process. It’s insufficient to read the brief and think how to implement it in the final design – one has to see where the client got his initial ideas from, learn the atmosphere he has to work in. This was exactly the approach our agency has implemented by going to Nisporeni in order to discuss the concepts behind a new trademark with intriguingly named Crescendo.

However, before telling about the agency’s visit to the production facility of the new trademark, it’s worth telling about the very place it is located in. Nisporeni is located 70km west of Chisinau and is the center of Nisporeni region, which borders Romania. The city and its surroundings were always known for rich winemaking traditions, and currently there are over 700ha of different wines in the area. There are three active winemaking facilities in the city producing wines and brandies, as well as a professional school, which provides training to future winemakers. Exactly this school’s students have taken part in the development of the new wine, which the agency had to develop a design for.

Upon arriving to the destination, the agency’s specialists have been welcomed by the Crescendo project head, Ion Luca, who has led them directly to the production facility located right near the professional school. Because of the product’s limited run that was planned right from the start, the scale of the Nisporeni project cannot be compared to that of a full-scale winemaking facility. But this doesn’t mean that the equipment doesn’t correspond to high quality standards. Overviewing the equipment was the first stage for the agency’s workers to get accustomed with the project they had to work on in the future.


Crescendo trademark is a rather unique project in terms of Moldovan market, and it is the kind of project that attracts us as an agency. First of all, the development is a part of a regional development project financed by the European Union, namely Austria, which is not very common for the Moldovan winemaking industry. Second, the product development involves the help of future winemaking industry specialists, who are studying in the Nisporeni professional school. Third, there will be a very limited run of certain wine varieties, which adds an exclusive character to the product, the tasting of which was part of the future label design discussion.

It’s worth saying a few special words about the trademark’s name - Crescendo, which the client requested to be emphasized as the main notional element of the future design. Those familiar with music theory know the meaning of crescendo – a gradual build-up of dynamic, loudness of a particular musical part. However, the project’s authors have introduced a much deeper meaning into the notion. The word crescendo comes from Latin crescere, which means “to grow”, and in many Latin-based languages, including Romanian, this notion is reflected through words, which are connected to the Latin root. Thus, besides the obvious musical connotations that appear while reading the name, it also reflects the project’s very concept – tradition continuity and growth of a new winemaker generation, which has contributed to the creation of this wine.

Undoubtedly, communicating such a complex message through an adequate visual product isn’t a very easy task. Moreover, due to the high quality standards and the product’s exclusivity, the main market for this project is the premium segment. But we’re not looking for easy solutions, especially when it comes to such interesting projects as Crescendo.

Having discussed all the details, client requests and technical aspects of the packing, the agency’s specialists have thanked Ion for his warm welcome and made their way back to Chisinau. Upon arriving to the studio, they had to face one of the most mysterious stages in design development – brainstorm, which gives birth to some of the most unexpected and inspiring ideas awaiting realization.

Thanks to the personal acquaintance with the place, where a new product is being produced, the specialists will find it easier to communicate the idea incepted by the authors of Crescendo wines. Vigorously studying the brief, in which the client has strived to reflect his vision and expectations, often omitting important and interesting details simply because they are obvious to him – this is one thing. And another thing is seeing with own eyes the fresh wood barrels, which contains the future bottle contents, and watching the future winemakers, who have attributed to the product, playing football near their school. This is exactly the approach our agency has made an integral part of the client interaction process.